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[COVID-19] Parenting Arrangements During the Coronavirus

As COVID-19 continues to be a major health concern across Alberta, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about how to properly handle parenting arrangements while also complying with social distancing and isolation recommendations. Despite the current crisis, parenting arrangements remain in effect and you are obligated to comply with your court-ordered or agreed-upon parenting arrangements. Whether...
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[COVID-19] How to Handle Child Support in Alberta During the Coronavirus

Child support is governed by the Federal Child Support Guidelines and is calculated based upon your parenting arrangements and earnings. Unfortunately, widespread layoffs and temporary closures are impacting Albertans across the province, making child support payments all the more important. Temporary court closures mean that applications for child support or variations in child support are...
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[COVID-19] EI Benefits & Other Financial Aid: A Guide For Employees

In the past couple of weeks, the Federal Government has announced extensive changes to financial aid for individuals affected by the global pandemic. These announcements included changes to existing benefits such as Employment Insurance, as well as the addition of new financial assistance programs directed at supporting Canadians affected by COVID-19 who may not qualify...
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