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We take a People First approach and understand that there is more to you than the legal inquiry that brought you in.

We know that behind every estate plan there are individuals who want to ensure their hard-earned assets pass to their loved ones or favorite charities. We know that one of the goals of that Estate Plan is to simplify the process for loved ones and leave a legacy of family and work and accomplishments. We understand that behind each real estate transaction are people who feel the excitement and fear and anxiety that comes with that Home Purchase or Sale. We understand that the process can feel overwhelming, and our role is to simplify things so you can focus on the many other things that come with such a big transition. We recognize that separation and divorce are difficult and that each situation is as unique as the people dealing with it. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing relationship breakdown. And we recognize that there is a cost, both emotional and financial, which can be minimized through sound advice and a focus on the best legal solutions to allow you to start rebuilding your life.

Have you been dismissed from your job recently? Are you contemplating a career change? Or, perhaps you’re facing challenges in your current work environment. Whether you are employed, considering a new job offer or your employment has been terminated, understanding your legal rights and obligations is often difficult. Our highly qualified Calgary Employment Lawyers can help you navigate the legal complexities of your employment situation.

We put People First.

At West Legal, our goal is to provide you with friendly, cost-effective legal advice and solutions.