[Top 10 Reasons] You Should Hire a Lawyer for Probate

You’ve probably heard the figure-of-speech ‘pennywise, pound-foolish’ used before to describe financial habits that realize small cost savings while simultaneously incurring larger ones. For example, someone may describe it as pennywise, pound-foolish to spend $2,500.00 on car repairs for a vehicle that is only worth $2,000.00. Another example of pennywise, pound-foolish behaviour is driving to...
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Human Rights Laws in Alberta

How are Human Rights Protected in Alberta? In Alberta, individuals are protected from discrimination pursuant to the Alberta Human Rights Act (“the Act”). The Act protects against discrimination that occurs based on a number of protected grounds in connection with several protected areas. Under the Act, it is illegal to discriminate against an individual on...
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Codicil or New Will?

If you’re considering changes, fixes, or updates to your existing Will, you may have encountered the term ‘Codicil’. In Alberta, a Codicil changes or amends an existing Will, allowing you to make updates without incurring the expense of a new Will. A Codicil is a great option for Will updates in certain circumstances, however, it’s...
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