Wills and Estate Planning

West Legal is a Wills and Estates Law Firm in Calgary, Alberta

Wills and Estate Planning

Peace of mind

Estate planning can seem like a daunting task, but one of our highly qualified lawyers can simplify the process and give you peace of mind that you have a comprehensive plan in place. At West Legal, we will assist you at every step of the process to ensure your Will captures your wishes and intentions.

We will:

  • Assist you in identifying beneficiaries, and if they are minors, ensuring they receive their inheritance at an appropriate age;
  • Educate you on which assets will need to pass through probate and any available options to avoid the probate process;
  • Advise you on choosing a personal representative (executor) who is best able to carry out your final wishes;
  • Inform you on what you should consider when appointing representatives in your Power of Attorney and Personal Directive;

Our Dedicated & Experienced Team

We have handled Wills and Estate plans and Probate applications for hundreds of clients. We understand that planning ahead by preparing a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive helps our clients save money and avoid unnecessary conflict down the road.

We work closely with financial planners and accountants to ensure your Wills and Estate plan fits your unique situation and addresses all of your goals and objectives.

Let us assist you with your Estate Planning:

We Provide Flat Rate Fees

In most cases, our Wills and Estate planning is charged on a flat-rate basis. We understand the value in knowing up front how much your Estate plan will cost, with no surprises down the road. Call or email us for a no-obligation quote. Read about our Wills and Estates Flat Rate Fees.

Free Will Review

Not sure if you need a new Will? Contact us for a free no-obligation Will review. Not only can we educate on any changes to the Wills and Estates legislation since your Will was last done, but we can advise on whether a codicil will suffice for your changes in circumstances, or whether you require a new Will.

House Calls

Just like all the services West Legal offers, we are happy to come to you at no extra charge. We understand that between kids and jobs and sometimes mobility issues, it isn’t always convenient to go to the lawyer’s office. Let us come to you.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Evening and house call appointments are also available.