Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document which authorizes a trusted friend or family
member of your choosing, called your Attorney, to make financial decisions for you. West
Legal, your Calgary Power of Attorney lawyer, can prepare your Enduring Power of Attorney
for you and appoint your Attorney, ensuring that your financial needs are taken care of in the
event you are unable to make decisions.

West Legal can help you decide which of two types of Enduring Power of Attorney best suits
your needs:

If you choose to put in place an Immediate Enduring Power of Attorney, the Attorney you
choose will have the ability to begin making decisions for you right away. You and your
Attorney will both have control over your finances, and your appointed Attorney will have the
authority to do banking transactions and sign legal documents regarding your finances on
your behalf. If in the future you become unable to make decisions due to illness or injury, the
Power of Attorney “endures”, and your Attorney will be able to automatically take over and
make financial decisions for you. If you travel often, or have mobility issues and want a
trusted friend or family member to be able to take care of your financial affairs on your behalf,
Immediate Power of Attorney may be the right option for you.

The second type of Power of Attorney is known as Springing Power of Attorney. It does not
allow your Attorney to immediately make financial decisions for you, but ‘springs’ into effect
when you become unable to make your own decisions due to an illness or injury. If you
recover and regain your ability to make your own financial decisions, you can take back the
power and your Attorney will no longer be able to make financial decisions for you.

Whichever Enduring Power of Attorney option is right for you, West Legal is your Calgary
Power of Attorney lawyer and can help. We offer Enduring Power of Attorney services,
advice, and information. West Legal is proud to also offer a free consultation so you can see
the full picture before choosing a course of action. We look forward to assisting with your
Calgary Enduring Power of Attorney needs.