Calgary Wills Lawyer

Do you need a Will?

An up-to-date Will ensures that your family is taken care of and your assets divided as you want them to be in the event of your death. Too many individuals put off writing a Will, or rely on a Will that is out-of-date, or may be invalid. In order to ensure your assets are divided in accordance with your wishes, a Will should be revised if you marry or re-marry, divorce, or have children. No matter your age, marital status or financial circumstances, a Will is invaluable in making sure that you maintain control over what happens to your assets following your death, and a Calgary Wills and Estates Lawyer can help.

West Legal is your Calgary Wills and Estates Lawyer, and our team will ensure that the process of preparing your Will is easy and affordable. We have the expertise to assist you with all of your Wills and Estates needs, from estate planning to updating an outdated Will, or answering any questions that you may have about your Will.

Flat Rate Fees

In addition to helping with your Wills and Estates needs by offering simple, effective solutions, West Legal offers flat-rate fees for most Calgary Wills and Estates matters. We will even review your current Will at no cost to you, to help you determine your estate planning needs.

Is your Will out-of-date?

Whether you have never written a Will, have experienced a change in circumstances such as a new relationship or the addition of a child, or simply want to review your Will, West Legal has the expertise to help you with your Wills and Estates needs. We look forward to helping you with your Calgary Wills and Estates matters.