Our Collaboration with Ross Lutz Barristers

Group shot of the criminal defense lawyers at Lutz Barristers in Calgary, Alberta

Virtual Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

Ross Lutz Barristers is a virtual criminal defence legal association. We started as a collaboration between experienced criminal defence lawyers, based in Calgary, who represent clients throughout Canada. Our law firm aims to offer legal support and advice 24/7.

No matter what time it is, we are here to provide advice and help defend your innocence. When you choose Ross Lutz Barristers, you benefit from our combined 98 years of criminal defence experience. We have defended high profile and complex cases at every level of court in Canada.

As our team features independently practicing lawyers as well as established lawyers working at law firms, we are a unique legal association. We aim to provide an experience where our clients can get the best possible legal advice and assistance without choosing a traditional law firm.

We’re happy to be collaborating with West Legal to bring a criminal law perspective to their blog. Please view their guest blogging on our website. As we explore our differing approaches to the law, we appreciate your support for both legal teams.

With You Every Step Of The Way

From pre-charges, to the time you are under investigation, to your possible trial, Ross Lutz Barristers will fight tirelessly to defend you. Our goal as criminal defence lawyers is to find the best possible outcome for every case. Everything we do in your defence is in your best interest. Because every case is unique, many factors affect how we can build your defence. Finding an experienced criminal defence lawyer, well-practiced in all court levels, is essential to preparing the best defence possible.

Group shot of the criminal defense lawyers at Lutz Barristers in Calgary, Alberta

Various Practice Areas

Our firm is well-practiced in many areas of criminal law. We have represented defendants charged under every area of the Criminal Code, including fraud, assault, kidnapping, murder and manslaughter, and sexual assault. Our experienced defence lawyers can also appear at bail hearings, litigate appeals, and represent young alleged offenders. No matter your criminal charge, we can help provide legal advice and pursue legal action for you.

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