In a Property Dispute?

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Alberta Property Disputes

What is a Property Dispute?

Property disputes are usually characterized by any legal dispute involving “real property.” Real property refers to buildings or structures that are affixed to a particular piece of land, that are considered “immoveable” such as a house, or a road. The land itself is also encompassed under the definition of “Real Property” as are certain rights such as the right of use or enjoyment of that land.

What Are Some Common Types of Property Disputes?

  • Disputes between neighbours regarding property lines;
  • Disputes between neighbours regarding the position of a structure such as a fence or row of trees that causes some detriment to one of the parties such as a loss of view;
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes regarding responsibility for damages or repairs to rental properties;
  • Disputes between homeowners and government agencies regarding the granting of easements;
  • Zoning disputes; and
  • Occupiers Liability Claims.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Property disputes may involve some specific and complicated legal issues, and the laws regarding real property can be difficult to navigate. Certain property disputes can even have an impact on the value of your land. Our lawyers are committed to helping you to protect your investment, by advising you on the broad range of legal options and remedies available to you.

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