Calgary Flat Rate Real Estate Lawyer Fees

We understand the value in knowing up front what our legal services will cost.

In most cases we are able to offer flat rate fees, giving you the peace of mind that the price you’re quoted is what you will pay. No surprises.

Questions about Legal Fees for selling or buying a house?

When buying, selling, or refinancing real estate, you will undoubtedly require the services of a real estate lawyer. Contact a Real Estate lawyer today.

Our real estate flat-rate fees include all regular disbursements, including document registration fees at the Land Titles Office (title transfer registration, mortgage registration, mortgage discharge, etc.), local courier charges, photocopy and fax charges, etc. As always, there are no additional fees for signing appointments at a location other than our office.

Home/Mortgage Value Purchase Sale Refinance
$0 – $199K $1,349 $799 $1,099
$200K – $299K $1,449 $849 $1,149
$300K – $399K $1,499 $899 $1,249
$400K – $499K $1,599 $949 $1,299
$500K – $599K $1,699 $999 $1,349
$600K – $699K $1,799 $1,049 $1,399
$700K – $799K $1,899 $1,099 $1,499
$800K – $899K $2,049 $1,149 $1,549
$900K – $999K $2,199 $1,199 $1,649
$1M – $1.1M $2,299 $1,249 $1,699
Over $1.1M Please call for a quote
on transactions with a value
greater than $1.1M

Please note that our flat-rate fees do not include certain additional items, which are only applicable on some transactions. Examples of additional charges include:

  • title insurance
  • condominium estoppel certificates
  • more than two payouts on a refinance
  • updating or obtaining compliance on Real Property Reports
  • encroachment agreements
  • relaxation permits
  • rush fees (receiving documents within 72 hours of closing)
  • assignment of rents on rental properties
  • more than one mortgage registration
  • more than one title on a property (such as a titled parking stall or titled condo storage unit)